3 Must Have Xero Add-ons

3 Must Have Xero Add-ons

Using Cloud Accounting software has made the biggest difference to my life and my business. In fact, I feel that it has changed me as I have more time to spend on area. Apart of great Accounting software, there are many applications that have made my life easier. Here are my top three products.

Receipt Bank

No more collecting receipts and no more losing receipts. Using a smartphone you simply take a photo of a receipt and all the critical invoice information is captured and automatically uploaded and transferred into Xero. Receipt Bank eliminates manual data entry and paperwork, meaning you have more time to spend in other areas of the business.

All done is secured in the cloud, meaning you can download the information when you need it. And the small monthly cost to have the app is far cheaper than the time it takes to collect and enter receipt information into a system.


Cashflow forecasting requires a lot of time and some expertise. With Vistr, all the complexity is removed. Forecasting your debtor and creditors is no made quicker and easier. It takes into account GST, Superannuation and PAYG, so you don’t need a lot of time to find out your position.

The reports are easy to understand, plus you can add your own rules to further assist with cashflow forecasting. Vistr is free and is integrated with Xero. Fantastic tool that is saving a great amount of time for business owners.

Workflow Max

Another great to tool to track time and money. If you business that is billing on the hour and need to track time, then Workflow Max is a great tool to help you streamline your business. You can track

  • time,
  • job numbers
  • costing

Best part of this is that you can invoice clients easily without having to go though time sheets manually and identify the different costing for different products.

These are 3 Bookkeeping Add-ons That Will Change Your Life that have been trialling and test my team at iKeep. If you have any questions about these tools or about streamlining your bookkeeping with the cloud, then contact our office or visit our blog on Best bookkeeping software for small business.

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