Product Market Fit - Health Match

Product Market Fit – Health Match

Clinical research and the Pharmaceutical industry have vast layers of complexity.

The intricate process (and phenomenal costs) involved to bring a drug to market make this an almost impenetrable barrier to entry.

Despite the immense revenue, value and resources this industry possesses, no company is immune from (or in this case) cannot benefit from true innovation.

Innovation is often thrown around as a marketing term for something slightly better.

Slightly better wasn’t going to cut it for HealthMatch.

What does a world class breakthrough look like?

See for yourself.

A solution that is a game changer for Clinical Research organisations, Pharmaceutical companies, Patient care organisations, Oncologists and other specialists, General Practitioners, Hospitals and most of all, the Patient.

HealthMatch delivered this week. Big. The platform went live and immediately matched a patient to a research trial! In fact, they are now matching like wildfire.

This is beyond ‘Product market fit’.

This is beyond money. A genuine ‘Painkiller’.

Very few companies make a real difference to people, the lives of their families and provide hope.

I first met Manuri Gunawardena around two years ago. I met her when she had been rejected by an investor, the deal had been changed on her. She didn’t know what she should do next.

From our second meeting, I knew she was ‘the real deal’ as I refer to her and have encouraged and reminded her throughout the ups and downs.

I am privileged and thrilled to be her first investor. Others said it was too hard for a single founder, the industry was too big, and she had no chance. I saw something different.

It has been a privilege to work with Manuri, as a sounding board and mentor through capital raising, hiring brilliant staff, procuring commercial contracts with major pharma groups, product development and collaborating with some of the biggest players in the health sector globally.

Hats off Manuri, you are the real deal. You and your brilliant team are carving through this difficult territory and patients all around the world should cheer.
In her own words, see her announcement attached.

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