Building Wealth as a Business Owner

Building Wealth as a Business Owner

On a day to day basis, the team at iKeep are helping business owners with a clear picture of how their business is performing. Part of helping business owners is demystifying the hype in the media about what is happening in the economy, so we decided to speak with the experts in our network to make sense of what’s going on in property, in crypto and the stock market.

If you are interested in attending one of these complimentary events, tickets can be found here.

Property Discussion (watch the video)

In this session we held a discussion with David Kenney of Hall Chadwick and Chris Gray of Your Empire. We started by discussing David’s experience around maximising the value of a business and how to realise this when the time is right. The discussion then flowed to Chris to talk about various strategies on how to build a property portfolio, and how this can be an achievable goal for someone who is living in Sydney.

Crypto Discussion

This session has been designed to be an educational introduction to digital assets and demystify the media hype that surrounds them. If you are not sure what to believe when it comes to people becoming millionaires off something called doge-coin, or a pixelated monkey image selling for millions, this session is for you!

Expect an educational conversation around crypto currencies, blockchain, NFT’s and all things digital so that you can come to your own conclusion on what the future holds in this space.

On the panel of our upcoming session is Deryck Graham of Portal Asset Management. The Portal Fund is highly regarded, ranked #1 by Barclay Hedge in 2021 on net return; ranked by Preqin as the #1 Fund of Hedge Funds in Asia Pacific in H1 2021, and has been operating since early 2020.



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