Employee Rostering System That Works

Employee Rostering System That Works

Rostering staff manually can be particularly time consuming. Making sure you have the right people on at the right time can be make or break to many business situations.

And sitting down on the weekend after a busy week at work to work out next week’s roster isn’t many people’s idea of a relaxing weekend. It’s one of those tasks that many of us put off until it has to be done.

Until now.

With the right rostering software you can:

  • Create and publish shifts so all staff are aware of what happens and when
  • Product easy to read schedules
  • Enable employees to set their availability and view their published shifts
  • Generate time sheets related to the shift
  • Approve the timesheet once the shift is complete
  • Have your system set up with pre built awards and pay conditions so the system automatically works out shift costs and incorporates that into your pay run

Never before has rostering and shift management been so powerful and simple. Changing and adjusting with the click of a mouse or the press of a button.

Want even better news? You don’t have to be on site to manage all of this. The Xero Payroll solution lets you manage this from any mobile device or PC. On premise, at home, out of your pocket or on holidays.

Free yourself up from these time consuming tasks that really need not be anymore. Finally you have found the right rostering system for your business. For more information on the best rostering practices and payroll management solutions speak with one of our experts today.

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