Making payroll a pleasure, not a chore

Sector: Retail
Size: Large
Location: Australia Wide
Service: Payroll Only

The client is the Australian arm of a multi-million-dollar international retail network listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its Australian network consists of a webstore and 17 retail stores in shopping centres around Australia. It carries out a fortnightly payroll for approximately 250 employees.

What they needed help with

Before coming to iKeep, the client had been managing its payroll inhouse via MYOB – a fiddly, manual and time-consuming task that took up two days every fortnight.

The complexity of MYOB’s payroll module means it’s easy to make mistakes – including underpayments, overpayments, paying above-award rates and paying super on overtime. Those mistakes were wasting a huge amount of time, while unintentional overpayments were a significant cost to the business.

As well as the payroll issues, rostering and timesheet processing was time-consuming, with store managers preparing rosters hand and completing timesheets in Excel before sending them to head office for processing. This also meant that head office had no visibility over rostering and scheduling.

iKeep’s solution

We were able to revolutionise the client’s rostering, attendance, timesheet and payroll processes using our partnership with Keypay and its all-in-one solution.

Firstly, iKeep configured Keypay to allow store managers to manage their team rosters and scheduling within the solution. As store manager creates the roster, employees are notified via email/text message – no more missed shifts from not checking the roster – and employees clock in and out using Keypay’s Workzone app. Store managers then approve timesheets either daily or weekly: these then flow directly to head office payroll. This dramatically streamlines and improves scheduling and time recording processes instore; it has also given head office real-time visibility of rosters for the first time ever.

Another major benefit of using Keypay is that award wages and rules are built into the software. For example, if someone works from 12pm to 8pm, Keypay auto-calculates the time spent at evening rate (after 6pm) based on employee role and age, rather than this having to be input manually. By automating this process, we were able to save significant amounts of time and dramatically improve payroll accuracy.

All up, iKeep’s solution took payroll processing from a two-day job to one that now takes under an hour – freeing up more than 360 hours a year for the client.

Improved accuracy and elimination of overpayments has saved the business thousands, and head office has much better visibility on staffing costs and rostering strategy.

In addition, the use of the Workzone app has seen further time savings: the app provides employees with a self-service portal that gives them access to historical payslips and enables them to update personal and bank details. This has created extra time savings due to fewer HR admin requests, as well as providing an improved employee experience.

Last but not least, iKeep was able to do all this at a more affordable price than other prospective providers. The client was also excited to working with a local Australian-owned business rather than an international conglomerate due to our personal touch and high-touch customer service approach.

Key benefits

  • Payroll went from a two-day job to one that took over an hour
  • Saved thousands by eliminating overpayments
  • Improved employee experience
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