Natasha T

Sector: Professional Services
Size: Small
Location: Queensland
Service: Bookkeeping with Payroll

Natasha is a psychologist based in Queensland who operates as a sole trader. A significant number of her clients are enrolled in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

What they needed help with

Natasha reached out to us as she desperately needed help to stay on top of her accounts. With many of her clients enrolled in the NDIS, she needed a team that could support her with raising invoices and filing claims through the NDIS portal. This is a task that needed to happen rain, hail or shine every week, as her cash flow depended on it.

iKeep’s solution

We created a bespoke version of our one-touch Outsourced Accounts service for Natasha that accommodated the NDIS claim process. As part of this, we navigate the idiosyncrasies of that portal on her behalf – linking the correct health provider details, service details and client details, and ensuring that claims aren’t over any limits that can be claimed for a service or individual.
We carry out daily reconciliations so that Natasha is always able to see her financial position; this involves reconciling payments from clients, Medicare, private health funds and NDIS to the correct invoices. In addition, Xero’s financial dashboards and our monthly graphic management reporting pack makes it easy for Natasha (who’s a self-confessed ‘people person’ rather than a numbers person) to understand her financial position at a glance.

The net result is that Natasha has gained back a whole day in her schedule every week, which allows her to see more clients or work on her own projects rather than doing battle with government portals. She also has much better visibility over her financial position, providing her with reassurance over her cashflow position at all times.

Key benefits

  • Ensuring accuracy of NDIS claims, along with reconciling Medicare, NDIS, private health and client payments correctly
  • Reclaiming a day a week for Natasha, enabling her to see more clients
  • Providing greater visibility and clarity about her day-to-day financial position
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