Payroll services for fast growing businesses

Our team of experienced payroll professionals can take care of the payroll processing for your business. We operate on the latest in payroll technology to streamline the payroll process, and also give complete transparency to the process via our Employee Portal.

Leave Management

Employees can view their leave history and balances at any time through the employee portal. Leave requests can also be submitted via the employee portal and employees are notified as soon as leave is approved or declined.

View and Edit Details Online

Employees can view and edit their contact details, bank accounts and super funds through the employee portal. Employees can even specify multiple bank accounts and super funds so they get paid exactly how they want to.

Payslips & Documents

Employees can access all their payslips and payment summaries online at any time. iK Pay also allows payroll administrators to upload documents such as employment contracts or doctors certificates and make them available for employees to view online.

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What's included in a Payroll Service?

When iKeep manages the payroll function of your business, you can be certain that:

  1. Your compliance is taken care of. This is current legislation like Single Touch Payroll (STP), your PAYG obligations and superannuation payments.
  2. The payroll processing is correct. Our team of experienced payroll professionals know the definition of Ordinary Times Earnings, and what rates need to have superannuation (SGC) applied to them.
  3. Transparency through the latest technology. All of your reporting is available to you via our online Portal, and employees can access their own data via the Employee Portal. All data is visible to those who need it.


How does it work?

We understand what it's like running a small business. Constantly busy, and never enough hours in the day to get everything done. That's why we have created a process that requires minimal effort on your part but ensures you get numbers that you can trust.

On-Boarding New Employees

Whenever possible, we use the Employee Self Service (ESS) functionality within the payroll software so that the employee is entering their own personal information only once, and the data is not re-keyed. The employment details like salary, allowances, leave entitlements, start date, payroll cycle and weekly hours comes from a simple online form that the employer completes for each new starter.

Processing Payruns

Your payruns will occur at set intervals, so it will never be a surprise. 48 hours before the payrun, we'll expect to receive your approved timesheets either emailed to us, or through an approved rostering / timesheet software like Keypay or Deputy. We'll process the pays, and send them for approval. Once approved, we'll generate the payroll reports, distribute pay advices and provide you with an .aba file to upload for simple payment.