Video: Tips for Business Owners from Steve Hui, the Points Whisperer

Video: Tips for Business Owners from Steve Hui, the Points Whisperer

Does this idea of flying business class for the price of economy sound good to you? With the Australian borders set to open any day now, we sit down for a chat with Steve Hui (aka the Points Whisperer) to discuss some travel hacks.


Under normal circumstances, many business owners find that travel is a ideal way to recharge and disconnect from their busy day-to-day routine. We talk with Steve about how business owners can benefit from accumulating the right points on every purchase their business makes to help make their travel more enjoyable.

At some point in our lives, most of us have tried to accumulate points, only to realise what a ridiculously large amount you need to recoup any ounce of value from them. This is where Steve, with his background on accounting has built the strategies that make this achievable for business owners, often saving them thousands.

Want to learn more? If this topic has sparked intrigue, and you would like to dive a bit deeper into the specifics, Steve has created training video on exactly how you can do this every time you pay the ATO.

Smile everytime you go to pay your ATO bill – “The best travel hack for every business owner” Is it possible to love paying the ATO? it is now.

There is one specific way to earn lots of cheap frequent flyer points on your credit card when making payments to the ATO (eg: GST/PAYG/BAS). I’ll show you how to get the maths right, otherwise, you are doing it wrong. Cheap frequent flyer points means you’ll never fly Economy again.

In this training with Steve Hui, you’ll learn how to turn your ATO bill into Business Class flights by using credit cards to pay in the right way.

This training session goes into the mathematical calculation of what each point costs, versus the value when redeemed. Surprisingly, it’s not just from paying the ATO directly with your Amex.

For more tips on how to maximise your businesses savings speak with one of our expert bookkeepers.



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