7 Reasons to Fire Your Bookkeeper

7 Reasons to Fire Your Bookkeeper

Many businesses continue to remain with their Bookkeeper as they are not familiar with the latest technology advancements that could be saving them thousands of dollars every year.

Lets be truthful here. Many Bookkeepers will not be sharing information of the latest technology advancements as they may not be fully informed on cloud based accounting systems or they believe that the old model works. They think it’s like a turkey voting for Christmas!

The old style bookkeeping clearly does not have the client best interests front of mind. This is costing you, as the business owner, money and time that could be invested in other areas. If you are paying a bookkeeper an hourly rate, you are rewarding them for being inefficient!

So, how do you know if it is time to update your Bookkeeper? Here are 7 reasons:

  1. Are you collecting every receipt manually and placing them in a bag or envelope to give to your Bookkeeper every month.
  2. Is reconciling your bank statement conducted manually every month
  3. Are there delays in distributing employee pay slips
  4. Are you manually submitting your employee superannuation contributions
  5. Do you have access to reports that help you understand your financial position
  6. Are you getting monthly reports regularly and on time
  7. Are you transferring desktop accounting files to your accountant

If your Bookkeeper is using these old ways of managing your books, then I recommend its time to update them. New applications have made life easier for managing your cash flow and running your business. What’s more many applications are mobile and tablet friendly, so you can access information any time of the day you want.

Knowing which systems and how to implement them in your business is as easy as picking up the phone and speak with iKeep bookkeeping service. We can help you identify the best way to make financial management easy for you. Small business cashflow management made easy with Xero platinum Partners and QuickBooks ProAdvisor, speak with our team today to outsource your bookkeeping.

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