Tamar Windows

Sector: Construction
Size: Medium
Location: Sydney/Gold Coast
Service: Outsourced Accounts

Tamar Windows has been providing and delivering high-quality aluminium and timber windows and doors to construction projects (large and small) across Australia since 2012. While the main warehouse is based in Wetherill Park, NSW, owner Vladimir Rupchev normally resides on the Gold Coast and was travelling down to the Sydney office once a week.

What they needed help with

The company’s inhouse accounts person, who was employed four days a week, had decided to retire and Tamar Windows needed a new solution for managing its accounts. The company’s processes were highly manual and time consuming, with every invoice entered into Reckon manually; company management took the view that this would be a good time to modernise their processes and were interested in implementing Xero with an eye to hiring a new inhouse bookkeeper. However, they needed someone to set up Xero: enter iKeep.

iKeep’s solution

We were approached by Tamar Windows’s accountant, who knew of us as Xero Platinum Partners (and therefore experts at converting accounts to Xero and training companies on using it).

We agreed to convert Tamar Windows to Xero with a three-month trial commitment to our Outsourced Accounts service – mainly to ensure that the Tamar Windows team was fully trained on the software and was able to make the most of its functionality. Just changing from Reckon to the cloud-based Xero platform significantly streamlined their processes and improved Vladimir’s visibility of the business due to being able to access the accounts from anywhere.

We also set up a Receipt Bank account for the company: this is an app that digitally records receipts/invoices, processes the key information via OCR and automatically allocates it to correct account inside Xero with no manual input required. This was great news for Vladimir, as these cloud-based solutions meant he no longer had to travel to Sydney on a weekly basis to sign off paperwork and file receipts and invoices – freeing him up to better use his time on developing the business rather than on travel and admin.

As part of the three-month trial period, we also further streamlined the company’s approval and payment processes, and managed its payroll via Xero – reducing what had been a four-day-a-week job into around a day’s work per week, for less than half the cost of an inhouse staff member.

The company management was so impressed by our Outsourced Accounts services that they chose to continue with it after the trial period instead of hiring an inhouse bookkeeper. They’re still with us to this day.

Key benefits

  • Automating and streamlining a highly manual process, reducing weekly time commitment from four days to one day.
  • Halving the cost of managing accounts and payroll.
  • Providing greater visibility of accounts and financial position to the business owner and enabling him to use his time more effectively.
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