Bookkeeping for Workshops

Bookkeeping for Workshops

Running a business can be difficult at the best of times, but when it comes to motor mechanics, auto electricians, tyre dealers and smash repairers, they face some very unique challenges. Before even considering the physical demands of these roles, there is generally weekend work, tight customer deadlines, OH&S and long hours to contend with. No wonder bookkeeping is not on the top of the list of things to do.

The team at iKeep has been working with the motor industry for several years. When it is feasible, we encourage the workshop to use cloud-based accounting software like Xero, that will plug into a point-of-sale (POS).

The POS is what the front desk team need to know inside out, when choosing the software, its important to find a piece of software that does everything that you need it to: scheduling, maintaining inventory, invoicing, processing payments, etc

Sometimes, a more sophisticated or industry specific software is required. Smash Repairers need industry specific software that links their detailed quotes through to workflow, parts, calendar for scheduling, and ultimately invoicing. Sometimes this can be synchronised with Xero, and sometimes it needs to stand alone.

Some of the tyre dealers that we work with use Marlin GTX by Megabus. For over 40 years Marlin has led the way for tyre retailers, mechanical workshops, tyre & auto part wholesalers, retread manufacturers, commercial application and tyre & auto part supply chain solutions. From sole traders to multi site operators to complex franchise networks Megabus has a total business solution for your business to take the next step.

The only problem with these industry-specific softwares is that they generally do not come with the automation of the latest cloud software (eg. Bank feeds in Xero), but they do service the needs of their particular clients very well.

When a client approaches us with this type of software, and it is not appropriate to move them to Xero, we make the investment to train our team up – and we access the software via a professional Remote Desktop application like LogMeIn.

While GST, BAS and tax payments often represent some of the largest financial obligations for a self employed mechanic, auto electrician or smash repairer, many end up paying too much tax and incur fines for non-compliance.

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