Why we do what we do...

For most small business owners, their business is their greatest asset. It provides cashflow for their livelihood, and puts food on the table for their families and those they employ. The role of a business owner is tough. We get it. We've been on the same journey too, starting and growing a business through some of the most unstable economic times in recent history.

In order to make the right calls, business owners need numbers and reports they can trust. We are on a mission to help as many business owners as we can to understand their numbers so they can be making great strategic decisions in their business and thrive.

What's our secret sauce?


Helping small business owners is a big deal. Small businesses make up the largest employing sector in Australia, yet many people running a business have never received any formal financial training. We understand that a small business is as unique as its founder, which is why each and every one needs personal attention.

Team Work

Our team are located both in Australia and abroad. By relying on cloud-based software, our teams are not bound to the same office. The benefit of a team is that we can share our industry experience with each other. This also helps us achieve cost effective solutions for the businesses we work with.


To provide the highest level of support means that we have to be up to speed with the latest technology and the best-practice processes. We are regularly scouring for the next piece of technology that can reliably systemise any part of the bookkeeping or financial reporting of a business.

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About our founder

Simon Allsop has been working with small businesses since 2008. Before starting his first business, his career started in the audit division of the global accounting firm, KPMG.

During this time, he has seen the good, the bad, the ugly and even been on his own journey starting, growing and exiting his own business. As well as being an experienced accountant, Simon knows first hand what it’s like to be a business owner.

Today, he spends is time operating iKeep, which is on a mission to support as many business owners as possible with a clear picture of how they are performing - empowering them to make the great financial decisions and build a brighter future for them and their families.

About us

We are a team of accounting professionals, passionate about helping small business owners succeed. We employ the latest technology and are always learning as a team as to how we can best support all of the businesses that we work with.

Staying at the forefront of the bookkeeping industry globally means that we are always questioning the norm.

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Our Team

Whilst our head office is based in Sydney, our team is located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Manila. After many years of working with small business owners, we have found that this is the optimal way to provide the best level of support by an experienced team, whist remaining cost effective.

Our clients all have a local account manager for ease of contact, and our account managers oversee a team of qualified accountants offshore. All of the systems we work on are cloud-based which allows for automation and the ability for our team to review and update from anywhere.

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Our Process

The way we work has been constantly refined over 15 years of working with small businesses. As technology evolves, the way we work changes. We are relentless on delivering the best possible experience for the businesses we work with - this means their accounts process needs to be reliable, effortless and efficient.

Our process is dependent upon a combination of the latest technology and an experienced team who under-go regular in-house training. We believe in finding automation rather than manual entry, relying on checklists rather than memory, and questioning the norm to find a better way.

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Our Passion

We share a passion to help small business owners. As a small business our self, we understand how many different things a business owner needs to juggle. It's a lot. They need an accounts team they can trust to take care of the financial aspects of their business and provide them with relevant information they can trust.

By delivering a professional level service, on a consistent retainer that every business can afford, we are on a mission to help as many business owners as possible reach their goals.